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Dec 27, 2020

Family tree

Building a family tree is another way to connect with people from other countries and ethnicity finding yourself as a unique human being that was built in its history for many people in their variations of languages, cultures, and roots from they are coming.

It is extremely helpful to have documents of your ancestors at least of your grandparents or great grandparents to find the line and lineage of your family. We have always at least 4 surnames (two from mother and two from father in the closest generation) after that you can find other ones also close to you but in the generations back.

You have there a clue to see what else you can find. There are sites you can go that are free and they offer a substantial number of records to investigate. 

I suggest to all the people with unknown parents (adoptees) or who didn't know their parents or grandparents to do it. It is helpful to find your identity as a person in the world 

As an artist I can connect all this information to my art to connect my spirit with all the info I am building and finding because I don't believe in an art disconnected to who you are and what you do